What’s your graphic design project about?

What project do you visualize?

The team at BTW Design can help you see your concept through.

Just tell us what project you envision. You know your business better than anyone and success can only be achieved if you share your thoughts with us. We wish to work in close collaboration with you, as we do with all of our valued clients, as marketing partners on your job.

We’ll thoughtfully consider your input; ask the right questions; come up with some recommendations; and move forward together working toward the same end goal. A masterfully completed successful project, be it a beautifully produced printed piece or an attractive, easy-to-navigate and informative website. We’ll deliver it on-time, on-strategy and within budget. We’ll exceed your highest expectations.

Within our four project category pages (catalog, logo, brochure, and web design) we have provided overviews of a number of our successfully completed projects to help demonstrate the effectiveness of this collaborative approach to our jobs.

We also thought you might be interested in seeing how we function, on the theory that you’ll be more comfortable taking the first step if the full process is a little more clear. So we have included a case study page, whose narrative summarizes the steps we took to create a real-world project.
case study

Graphic Design Portfolio Showcase

Catalog Design

Some companies cut corners when it comes to catalog design. Why hire a catalog design professional, when it can all be done in-house with a digital camera and a word processing program? Because it matters how you present yourself and your products to your customers and business associates.

Logo Design and Brand Development

Our creative logo design solutions are award-winning, effective and compelling. And, according to our many satisfied customers, are consistently successful at communicating the right message about the companies they represent.

Brochure Design and Other
Print Design Projects

BTW Design’s true forte is designing and producing projects for print. Every step of the process too — from that rough idea in your head, all the way to the finished job’s final printing.

Web Design and Digital Design

Engage visitors to your company’s website with a dynamic visual design and a thoughtful, easy-to-navigate user interface developed by the creative web design team at BTW Design.