Why a case study?

  • Demonstrate how well we function on an actual project in a real-world situation
  • Show our collaborative approach to our jobs
  • Accentuate the importance of incorporating the client’s brand strategy
  • Emphasize the importance of a project’s budgetary constraints
  • Make evident the money saving options we typically present
  • How we address scheduling concerns and important deadlines
  • Detail the type of content suggestions and recommendations we customarily make
  • Steps taken toward establishing the criteria that will be used to move forward with a job
  • Confirm our commitment to quality results
  • Illustrate the skill set we bring to each project
  • Exhibit the excellence of the work we produce
  • Flaunt our success in consistently exceeding our clients’ highest expectations

When you’re searching for better results

BTW Design exceeds expectations in this graphic design case study of a real-world client project.

The focus of our case study, a full service search engine marketing company, felt that their existing marketing materials were not effectively communicating their unique selling proposition to their prospective customers.

They offered a great service, superior to their competitors, but their message just wasn’t getting through. They realized they needed the help of an experienced graphic designer.

Click-on the image at left to see the full completed media kit

We view each job as a unique challenge

The client came to us with a very rough layout identifying the basic content of the media kit they hoped to produce. Our challenge — revise and rework that input to create a more professional overall package.

The bottom line: the completed piece had to appeal to the intended target market — companies with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns with more than 250,000 keywords and a yearly PPC expenditure upwards of five million dollars.

Keyword: Budget   As with most business owners we have worked with, this client outlined the budgetary constraints for the project up front. We sat down with them and identified the areas where we felt money needed to be spent and also the areas where we believed we could cut costs without appearing to do so. We also had a pretty tight schedule, so it was time to roll up our sleeves and get working.

Keyword: Eloquence   From the get-go it was clear that their message was critical. We had no doubt that the services of a professional copywriter were needed. To keep this expense down, we limited the professional writing to just three of the eight panels of the piece. The case study text input from the client received some minor in-house editing by our staff, however, we believed that the facts, as presented, made a strong case without a major overhaul.

Keyword: Visuals   To help present the text information in an interesting and compelling way, we recommended that photographic imagery be positioned throughout the layout. We believed that carefully selected stock imagery could be used effectively, which would not only keep us within budget, but also raise the perceived value of the piece.

Keyword: Results   We developed an effective and attractive presentation of the material; we coordinated copywriting, both text and headlines, that combined humor and facts in an interesting and clever way; we designed and produced custom infographics to illustrate the case study results; and we carefully selected stock photos to help tell the story and provide an engaging flow to the material.

Click HERE to view the final results of our graphic design labors: a truly professional on-strategy marketing package that exceeded our client’s highest expectations.

Keyword: Quality   Ensuring good quality print production was high on our list of must-invest-in services. We, therefore, recommended that the client hire us to coordinate the printing of their job. We believe that we have developed a critical eye from our years of experience working in the field. Print coordination is a big part of what we do and we’re good at it. In the end the client chose to manage the printing of the job themselves. We believe they erred in this decision, however, the client is not displeased with the work their print vendor produced.