Graphic Design Matters

  • jul 10

    Rooms with Vrrrrrooooom!

    Bedazzle a Fine Art Print Catalog

    Our assignment was to enhance a client-produced 80-page product catalog by designing a small handful of pages for eventual placement into their final offset printing project.

    The client supplied the 72 product pages they produced as a layout in native app format and hired us to design and produce eight additional pages. These consisted of five room setting pages to showcase a select number of fine art prints; plus an introduction page; and the catalog’s front and back cover.

    The room setting pages we produced worked as dividers between product category sections, mixing in amongst the product pages the client developed themselves. A really smart economical option — adding a graphic designer's touch to a small number of pages of a catalog for visual appeal, while also staying within the budgetary constraints of the job.

    This way of working speaks directly to the collaborative approach we bring to all of our projects. We are bigger than a freelancer, but smaller than a design firm, which allows us to provide extremely personalized service. It isn't all-or-nothing here. We are happy to do as much, or as little, of your project as you feel comfortable having us do.

    Graphic services included:

    • Conceptual Design of Room Setting Layouts
    • Expert Photo Retouching and Image Editing
    • Pithy Headers with Typographic Embellishment
    • Production of Art For Offset Printing

    For a curated collection of pages culled from this catalog please click on the TECHNISSIMO image at left. Our work begins on the cover and the opening spread. Then falls on every third successive spread after page three. We reduced the page count of this demo document, from 80 down to 32, for speedy viewing purposes.

  • jan 04

    Graphics at a Higher Level

    NTPS Capabilities Brochure
    Anything Less Simply Won’t Fly.

    We are very proud to present our recently completed 12-page capabilities brochure for the National Test Pilot School (NTPS), the premier civilian flight test education and training operation in the world.

    From the entire crew of two at BTW Design, and our trusted vendors, we are honored to have been chosen to produce this project and wholeheartedly thank NTPS for placing their confidence and trust in us.

    Graphic services included in the completed package:

    • Conceptual Design and Brochure Layout
    • Expert Retouching and Image Editing
    • Copywriting (Headlines and Text)
    • Production of Art For Offset Printing
    • Print Management
    • Press Run Oversight and Approval

    To view this fabulous brochure in living color, please click on the NTPS brochure's cover image (TIP: that's the blue/white/gray T-38 supersonic jet image above/left).

  • jan 16

    Color of the Year 2019

    Color of the Year 2019
    Seeing the World in Living Coral.

    The Pantone Color Institute™ just introduced the color of the year for 2019. Pantone 16-1546 Living Coral, an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.

    Ho, hum … another year, another color. Who cares, right? As designers, we care because it matters. Because the PANTONE name is known worldwide as the standard language for color communications from designer, to manufacturer, to retailer, to customer. They set the standard for color consistency across platforms and specialties ensuring that, for example, "Living Coral" looks the same when used on signage in Oshkosh (b'gosh) as it does when used on haute couture on the runways of Gay Paree.

    But why does PANTONE bother to forecast trends and not just stick to ensuring color consistency? And aren’t we as artists supposed to go against the trends and be trend-setters rather than trend-followers?

    The colors forecast are chosen very carefully and intentionally by a committee. The committee is a diverse group of people who travel the world observing average people in different countries. They observe attitudes towards life and politics, street fashion and beauty trends in those areas; then they document their findings to bring to the committee. They meet in a stark white room with white walls so as not to be influenced by the environment's color, enabling each member to clearly see and judge the inspiration objects the others have brought.

    Each committee member presents their suggestions and reasons with visual evidence for the colors they think will best represent the world in the coming year. They all vote together on the final colors based on a theme. This theme will help them decide the colors that will be relevant and exciting.

    The color of the year is not the hot fashion color du jour, but an expression of a mood, an attitude, on the part of consumers. The PANTONE forecast reports are meant to represent the zeitgeist (spirit of the time) of the entire world.

    To disregard PANTONE color announcements shows a lack of interest in learning and staying up-to-date with what is happening in the many fields of design and the world at large. Colors affect the feeling of every single thing we create and the relevancy of these color predictions apply to virtually all visual industries.

    To add a blush of pure optimism, and perhaps a fair bit of outrage fatigue, a new year awash in a bright, life-affirming hue would be a welcome respite from the black and white (us vs them) of 2018 — and all those gloomy shades of gray in between. A chance to see the world in Living Coral? Bring it!

  • jun 22

    Booth Graphics? Yes We Can Do That!

    Trade Show Booth Graphics
    We’re Graphic Designers. It’s What We Do.
    Almost daily we face a similar line of questioning from prospective customers about our professional services. Here is how the conversation usually goes …

    (THEM): “We’ve visited your website and viewed your samples of catalog design — or logo design, or brochure design, or web design — but we don’t see a project that EXACTLY matches the project we seek.”

    (THEM): “Can you do this [insert specific project here]?”

    (BTW DESIGN): “Thank you so much for calling and for your interest in working with us. We’re more than happy to assist you today.”

    (BTW DESIGN): “Put simply, graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of type, space and image. Which means if the project you seek meets that criteria, then the answer is: YES WE CAN DO THAT!”

    TODAY’S LESSON: Whether your graphic design project will be printed, no matter the substrate, or its final destination is for use on the web or in some other digital form, BTW Design can produce it. Period.

  • feb 12

    Launch of Our New Service Division Website

    Tricky Pix: Photographic Retouching Wizardry
    Tricky Pix. Saving the World’s Photos One Pixel at a Time.

    • Photographic Retouching Wizardry
    • High-End Commercial Image Editing
    • Enhancement and Correction of Personal Photos
    • Vintage Photo Restoration
    • Special Imaging Effects
    Power to the pixel. Fueled by human hands.

    At Tricky Pix, our magic isn’t smoke and mirrors, clever algorithms or ineffective DIY apps. Our magic is our highly skilled and truly dedicated staff of real live photo editors.

    Through photographic retouching wizardry, pixel after pixel, we create effects that appear magical by their capacity to transform your pictures. It’s how we got our name: Pixel Tricks + Your Pictures = Tricky Pix

  • jul 16

    Is Your Business a Heck of a Lot More Impressive?

    Heck of a Lot More Impressive?
    If your answer is YES…

    The crack team at BTW Design can help. Making sure people remember the right message about your business is our business.

    Getting started is EASY-PEASY:

    • Go to the CONTACTS tab (look above over on the right)
    • From the drop-down menu, select the INQUIRY form that best applies to your needs
    • Fill it out and submit it
    • DONE!
  • apr 02

    The Buzz On The Street

    Bee Bolder. Bee Better.
    Bee Bolder. Bee Better.

    If your business is a heck of a lot more impressive than anyone would know by looking, why let another season pass before you actually do something about it?

    Every piece of paper, everything with your company name on it, says something about you. The printed sales materials you use, your capabilities brochure, the B2B ads you place, all carry subtle messages into the world about what kind of business you run.

    These messages are remembered long after people have forgotten what you said.

    Making sure they remember the right message about your business is our business.

    The crack team at BTW Design can help you communicate just how wicked good your product or service truly is. We can help clean up your current brand identity and get that mojo working again, or we can create an entirely new one and shine a brilliant light on that certain je ne sais quoi you possess.

    Start things off by filling out our print design questionnaire. And, now that you’ve finally decided to spring forward with a whole new you, it’s time to celebrate! Kick up your heels or do a cartwheel because you’ll soon be the latest buzz on the street.

  • mar 13

    Jimi Hendrix Lives On Forever!

    Jimi Lives Forever Stamp
    A new Jimi Hendrix Forever stamp honoring the guitar icon has just been unveiled as part of the United States Postal Service’s US Music Icons stamp series.

    Created by artist Rudy Gutierrez, the stamp design resembles a vintage 45 rpm record sleeve, and references the butterflies from Hendrix’s hit song, “Little Wing.”

    In the colorful design, Hendrix himself is wearing one of his signature military jackets, and soulfully playing one of his guitars.

    “The technical challenge was making art that will still read at stamp size, so it was a matter of not being overly complicated,” says Gutierrez. “And to be true to the incredible combination of rawness and virtuosity that was Jimi Hendrix.”

    The stamp will be officially unveiled at a star-studded concert featuring Slash, Doors guitarist Robby Krieger and Perry Farrell of Jane’s Addiction, among other celebrities, at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin.

    The Jimi Hendrix Forever stamp sells for 49 cents. It goes on sale TODAY (Thursday, March 13) at post offices and on the U.S. Postal Service website.


  • mar 06

    Got Your Image On?

    Good Brand Ambassador
    Get Brand-Wise and Plenty-Prosperous
    A logo is more than a fancy symbol. It’s a message. A logo not only represents your company. It communicates on its behalf. A logo conveys who your company is. Who it aspires to be. It’s your graphic ambassador to the marketplace.

    A logo is an investment in your own success. A thoughtful, well designed logo will promote those qualities you want people to associate with your business.

    Your logo should transform your company’s message into a cohesive visual design that will make your business more memorable and appealing to your target audience. It should help your business stand out from the crowd and communicate to all the world the fabulousness that is you.

    Will time worn clip-art, embellished with a font spelling out your company name, really achieve that goal?

    Clip-art. Schmimp-art! Your business is way too awesome for that.

    We’re pretty creative folks here at BTW Design. We have the intuitive ability to provide a fitting eloquent solution. To succeed in capturing the essence of your business with clever and appropriate imagery.

    Our logo designs surpass the flavor-of-the-week trend or the look of the moment. We combine meaning, substance and attitude to achieve results that are simple, clean and timeless.

    Wanna get some of that? Fill out our logo design questionnaire and submit it.

  • feb 04

    Print Is Dead

    Print Is Dead
    Demise of Print is Urban Myth
    An online catalog is a prerequisite when selling products in today’s marketplace, but a print catalog is its indispensable counterpart in your overall marketing mix.

    Customers get distracted browsing the internet. One minute they’re ready to buy your products. The next they’re ushered off to a competitor’s site by a banner or pop-up ad and, in an instant, a sale is lost.

    A print catalog holds their attention while they’e holding it in their hands, allowing them to focus on your unique message. Giving them the opportunity to learn just how truly awesome your products are. That you’re both better and different from the rest.

    Beautiful photography, a thoughtful layout and the simple tactile pleasure of a good paper stock can still inspire people to buy things in ways the web cannot.

    But no matter its form, don’t make the low-cost yet shortsighted choice to cut corners when it comes to your catalog’s design.

    Take it to a higher level. Engage your customers and grow your brand image with a vibrant, well crafted catalog that communicates the quality and care that goes into the products you sell.

    The crack team at BTW Design are experts at designing and compiling catalogs. Getting started is easy. Fill out our catalog design questionnaire and submit it.

  • jan 16

    Epic Vistas and Lavish Details

    Epic Vistas & Lavish Details
    Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden Venue Showcase.
    We invite you to visit the latest addition to our design and development of the Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden website.

    This venue showcase is a virtual adventure into the lush landscape and tranquil settings of this historic jewel.

  • jan 02

    Brand New Year

    Brand New Year
    Spiff up your brand for 2017.
    A lot of businesses can see that their website and marketing materials don’t work very well, or their logo and company identity don’t look very good, but sometimes they wait years before they decide to change the way they do things.

    Make it your New Year’s resolution for 2017 to roll out a shiny new (or improved) brand identity. Having a clear and concise brand identity leads to stronger overall brand equity — how people feel about or perceive your product or service and how much they are willing to pay for it.

    If your business is a heck of a lot more impressive than anyone would know by looking, then it’s time you found a highly skilled and creatively talented graphic design firm — the team at BTW Design. We’ll help you communicate your unique message and make it an integral part of your overall brand improvement strategy.

    Check off a New Year’s resolution. Gain peace in your mind, hope in your future, prosperity in your pocket and a little spring in your step too. Booyah!

    Want to get started lickety-split? Go to the CONTACTS tab (look above over on the right); from the drop-down menu, select the INQUIRY form that best applies to your needs; fill it out and submit it.

  • jun 18

    Recent Brand Developments

    We are pleased to announce that our brand development for the Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden continues its forward momentum with the completion of their stunning new website.
    This beautifully executed site engages visitors with its dynamic visual design, meaningful and well presented content, and thoughtful, easy-to-use navigation. According to our happy customer, their website continues to elicit compliments and rave reviews from visitors.
  • dec 05

    Color of the Year Announced

    Great Joy, Love and Health?
    We know you have all been on the edge of your seats awaiting the much anticipated announcement of the 2014 color of the year.

    So, without further ado…Pantone, the global authority on color and provider of professional color standards for the design industries, has announced it.

    Pantone© 18-3224 Radiant Orchid! Which is apparently “an enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones that inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health.”


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