How we work

At BTW Design our goal is to be absolutely predictable in our business dealings and constantly surprising in our creative output.
You won’t have to put up with a lot of professional jargon when you talk business with us, and you won’t have to have a list of ideas worked out ahead of time about what needs to be done.

Just tell us about your business.

We’ll want to hear about your current situation, your earlier communications projects, your expectations for this one plus your budget and schedule limitations.

We’ll ask the right questions until we’re sure — and you’re sure — we know what we’re talking about.

Our history

The right message

It matters how you look and sound while you do what you do.

To your customers and business associates, your organization is only as good as their contact with it. Every piece of paper, everything with your company name on it, says something about you.

These all carry subtle messages into the world about what kind of business you run.

These messages are remembered long after people have forgotten what you said.

Making sure they remember the right message about your business is our business.
Whether you need some help cleaning up your current identity or need an entirely new one, BTW Design will help you to communicate your unique message.

If your business is a heck of a lot more impressive than anyone would know by looking, hire us! The highly skilled and creatively talented graphic designers of BTW Design.

portfolio showcase

Graphic Design Portfolio Showcase

Catalog Design

Some companies cut corners when it comes to catalog design. Why hire a catalog design professional, when it can all be done in-house with a digital camera and a word processing program? Because it matters how you present yourself and your products to your customers and business associates.

Logo Design and Brand Development

Our creative logo design solutions are award-winning, effective and compelling. And, according to our many satisfied customers, are consistently successful at communicating the right message about the companies they represent.

Brochure Design and Other
Print Design Projects

BTW Design’s true forte is designing and producing projects for print. Every step of the process too — from that rough idea in your head, all the way to the finished job’s final printing.

Web Design and Digital Design

Engage visitors to your company’s website with a dynamic visual design and a thoughtful, easy-to-navigate user interface developed by the creative web design team at BTW Design.

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At the fundamental core of everything we do is the unique skill set the two of us possess.
It’s what sets us apart from our competitors. It’s how we consistently deliver the highest quality results.

  • Fluency in all aspects of graphic design and print production

  • Mastery of the catalog designing and compiling process

  • Intuitive ability to provide a fitting creative solution

  • Image editing, color correction and retouching wizardry

  • Years of hands-on experience in the graphic design trenches

  • Genuine passion for what we do

  • True appreciation for every customer and every project


Haddad’s Fine Arts:

“Excellent, creative design and outstanding service.

BTW Design has provided us with design for every aspect of our business and our products for almost nineteen years.
We are a small company and their creativity in design has always given us that extra edge — they knock themselves out to produce the best: advertising, website design, copy, packaging, catalogs — everything.
They handle big projects or small projects — always available.
Never a moment’s worry when it comes to deadlines; they’ll be ready before you are.”

Anaheim, California